Monday, April 27, 2009

cmis: Apache Chemistry

good news on CMIS front. Apache incubating a new project called "Chemistry".

project description

Apache Chemistry is a generic Java language implementation of the upcoming OASIS CMIS specification.


Apache Chemistry is an effort to provide a Java (and possibly others, like JavaScript) implementation of an upcoming CMIS specification, consisting of a high-level API for developers wanting to manipulate documents, a low-level SPI close to the CMIS protocol for developers wanting to implement a client or a server, and default implementations for all of the above. Chemistry aims to cover both the AtomPub and SOAP bindings defined by the CMIS specifications.

with success of this project there might be an open source CMIS reference implementation not coupled with a existing CMS and therefore has the change to on the one hand provide a potential good starting point for vendor specific integration work and on the other hand a reference makes the specification "real" and touchable.

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