Friday, August 18, 2006

XML Pipelining for Mathematical Computation


XML Pipelining for Mathematical Computation
R. Alexander Milowski
Exposing a single computation on the Internet via a web service can be challenging. To do so, the input and output of such a service needs to be codified, typically in an XML Schema, and code needs to be written to translate to and from XML. Further, computations need to be interfaced and run with their results formulated into XML. To complicate matters further, there is the whole process of packaging such a system for deployment of some web services platform.

While many web services frameworks focus on the interfaces, what is at the core of exposing a web service is the processing of an XML vocabulary (the request elements). Each vocabulary is associated with a set of actions--implicitly or explicitly--to make a wanted computation to take place. Unfortunately, XML isn't always that simple to process and usually this involves writing a "pile of code". This forces the development of web services to be only in the domain of the expert programmer and not that of a Research Mathematician.....

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Monday, August 14, 2006


stumbled upon
SEDA: An Architecture for Highly Concurrent Server Applications. at least the paper section contains must read content if you think about scalable application server infrastructure.