Monday, October 24, 2011

Reactive documents

Stumbled upon a JavaScript library to simplify the creation of reactive documents, called Tangle.

Whenever you have to explain scenarios / alternatives in a sensible manner a reactive document is one possible way to do so. Changing a parameter and directly see the impact for all dependent parts of the information / document is a very sufficient way to teach certain problems / solution scenarios.

This library makes the creation very simple (from a technical point of view) and you are able to concentrate on the content scenario which is of course the harder part.

XQuery - rare used but ramp-up gets easier

A very nice overview of what XQuery is, what are the relation to other XML based standards and why it is still very rare used is summarized here

Once you want to dive into XQuery a bit deeper, get a feeling if the approach is sufficient for your use case you should try out BaseX. A XML database, open source. The main advantage for tryouts which are not available on alternative solution is a lightweight but very useful UI fronted for the content stored in the database.

Adding XML documents, try out queries and see how / what they match and last but not least a noticeable view of how information in a XML store looks like (from a conceptional point of view) comes aligned with easy install and ramp-up costs.

Alternatives (commercial and open source) are collected here: