Monday, May 15, 2006

TRENT: definition

what does TRENT reallly means. TRansform conTENT into value. nice marketing slang ..... but if you have to deal with information processing that is the main goal your are faced with.

content creation, content storage, content retrieval, content publishing but its all about the value the content provides to a particular actor.

content more general can be specified as an information object valid in a certain context. to be more concrete this means that a given word / information object "red" is only content if it is assigned as a property to a object "car" which specifies the context of this object.

to standardise content processing XML must be considered as a conceptional abstruction to describe and access information objects. XML provides a unique and reusable way how to process / access content.

therefore TRENT is all about XML processing or technology derived / extent XML processing technologies.

because information processing also means to orchestra more than one certain operation on the content you also have to think about an conceptional solution for assembly many dedicated processing calls to information objects.

thus problems can be addressed with well-known pipelining approach which in our case ends up in xml pipelining approach.

thus means

- TRENT is all about transformation of content

- transformation of content is all about pipelining

- content is all about XML

- TRENT is all about XML processing using xml pipelining


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