Friday, March 27, 2009

Windows Unlimited?

i often have to deal with application server design and deployments based on 32bit Windows server OS.

if you have to maintain more than one application server on a single host and for some reasons have to have more virtual address space for one application server you have to deal with /3GB switch enterprise server OS provides.

the expected load -> request to each running application server -> amount of threads on each application server must be defined carefully and requires more OS in depth know than I'm willing to have.

you have to understanding how the OS deals with system resources and in this context i stumbled over a good blog post
Pushing the Limits of Windows: Paged and Nonpaged Pool
which describe the limits of Windows pretty clear and understandable even for guys like me ;-)

not often read such comprehensive and focused information for this particular topic. thanks Mark for that.....

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