Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Valuable Information

Today I stumbled upon the following twitter post:

Every human intervention in a business process introduces a 4% chance of error. - B. Beims  

Sounds interesting and relevant in the context I'm working in. Than I tried to verify the source and basis for this statement.

  • Using google to search for the statement
  • Using google to search for the author
  • Finding second / third source for this statement
To be honest I wasn't able to verify what I have to verify and therefore  use any bit of this information. Therefore I take this statement as a trigger for this blog post - better than nothing.

That is a example of todays most common topic today:
  • more and more "characters" are accessable and flowing around the world, like "Chinese whispers" posted, re-posted, extended, ....
  • less and less of the accessible" information" (in terms of percent based on the complete available total amount of "information") is relevant or valid
  • Shorten  / context less "information" does not lead to human usable information chain
That is just a fact and reality - everyone has to deal with. To improve your personal ability to make "characters" to "information" you still have to go the hard way:

Don't use and post a information which is not verified by at least
  • a second, independent source
  • personal verification
  • background information which provides you with considerable background to trace the information
If you do not have time for this kind of verification - just leave the "characters" as they are and mark them as irrelevant for you. This should make your personal information chain much cleaner and helps you to divide relevant from irrelevant information.

Don't forget: It is never cheap to gather valuable information. It was never and will never.

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