Monday, April 23, 2012

Open Source: data management and transformation library

Sumbled upon the following post

Relational data (or data can be stored in a table or matrix) is "old style" but still an an common use-case in todays web applications.

A new JavaScript library called "Miso Project" starts to implement components that simplifies the management and transformation of this kind of data (and will be extended with visualization use-case). This means that you are easy manage relational data on client side which can be very handy in certain use-cases. So its like a client side database with corresponding query syntax.

One of the most common patterns we've found while building JavaScript-based interactive content is the need to handle a variety of data sources such as JSON files, CSVs, remote APIs and Google Spreadsheets. Dataset simplifies this part of the process by providing a set of powerful tools to import those sources and work with the data. Once data is in a Dataset, it becomes simple to select, group, and calculate properties of, the data. Additionally, Dataset makes it easy to work with real-time and changing data, which pose one of the more complex challenges to data visualization work.

In case you have to develop a e.g. simple, standalone HTML application without a permanent server backend this library will help you without adding too much complexity in your (implementation) infrastructure.


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