Saturday, January 10, 2009

XRX gets more attention

XRX shows that more and more information are represented in xml today. that trend will continue because more and more processes today seen as what they always was: "information driven". more and more traditional "unstructured" formats are now represented in xml and more and more business value can be extracted from those formats (OOXML, Open Document, ....).

on the other hand more and more companies start to creating certain type of information (user documentation, online helps, service information) using more semantic rich information architecture as provided by dita.

that opens up the success for databases with native xml read / maintain and search feature set. they are able to provided additional value to already existing information created without the knowledge of their future use.

good summery of technologies in this area are provided by Kurt Cagle
"Analysis 2009: XForms and XML-enabled clients gain traction with XQuery databases"

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